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Beyond technology: Unlocking the secrets of DOOH

Our commitment to excellence in content production and project design is a corollary of our in-depth knowledge of both existing and emerging digital out-of-home (DOOH) technologies.

As a content developer and project designer, we have to keep close tabs on technological innovations in the DOOH sector. Our industry uses a wide range of display technologies, software programs, distribution equipment, creative tools and file compression systems – and new products arrive on the scene on an almost daily basis. Our ability to analyze up-and-coming trends and put new technologies to work for our clients means we can be more effective in our content development efforts and make better technology-oriented recommendations for all of our projects.

We have undertaken a number of important initiatives in this regard, each of which has helped confirm our leadership from a technological standpoint:

  • Development of an in-house research laboratory to test technologies and the quality of various types of content (animations, videos, interactive, etc.)

  • Involvement in key industry events

  • Regular meetings with manufacturers and technical integration specialists

  • Continuous monitoring of market developments and main online sources of information pertaining to DOOH

  • Participation in and/or organization of forums focusing on DOOH and related technologies (JADN.TV, Digital Content Circle, the e-paper forum)  


In more specific terms, here are a few of the technologies we analyze and test on a regular basis, in addition to maintaining an inventory of what each of our providers brings to the equation:

  • LCD screens and projection/rear-projection technologies
    Basic building block for many DOOH systems; types of products can vary, depending on the lighting conditions in a given venue 

  • Microdisplays
    Used primarily in retail applications, e.g., electronic merchandise and special in-store promotions

  • 3D screens (glasses-free)
    Technology with an impressive output; used mainly for events and promotional activities

  • LED screens
    Screen using light-emitting diode (LED) technology; very competitive solution for giant formats

  • Christie MicroTilesMD
    New modular display technology that delivers unbeatable brightness and contrast and the ability to create an infinite variety of screen shapes. Highly flexible digital out-of-home system with optional interactivity. Impact guaranteed

  • Immersive environment solutions
    Specialized display technologies for events and industrial simulations

  • Gesture-based interactivity software
    No direct contact with any surface; body movement triggers the interactive component, often with spectacular effects

  • Touch/multi-touch screens
    For interactive kiosks, many innovative options in terms of available formats and multi-touch applications

  • Content management and distribution software
    There are more than 300 programs currently on the market, each with its own technical features and advantages

  • Media player
    On-site server to manage and distribute content transferred from an online source to a specific location or installation

  • Animation, video editing and 3D creation software
    Highly innovative solutions aimed at improving interfaces, managing work flow and archiving content

  • Audience measurement and facial recognition systems
    Increasingly popular solution for counting and profiling the people in front of a given screen at a given time

  • File compression technologies and standards
    Important for the industry given the sheer size of the files required to generate a high-quality on-screen output

For recommendations or to find out how to make your DOOH solution stand out, contact us.