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Display-based experiences

Established in 1999, Arsenal Media is a creative content agency dedicated to digital signage and innovative interactive destinations. Our mission is to develop impactful, display-based experiences for brands in public and corporate environments.

Arsenal Media is one of the most experienced and celebrated full-service creative groups working in content production, winning top awards for conceiving, designing and delivering projects that are engaging and visually stunning.

We do great creative  and even more importantly, our work is  always in line with the business goals of our clients. We develop and execute consistently innovative concepts that treat digital displays as canvases, delivering visuals and experiences that intrigue and excite viewers, and drive marketing objectives.

We’re also content integrators. We look at projects from all angles and find the right technology, the right platform and the right content approach to meet a project’s needs. If we apply a certain technology –  such as gesture or augmented reality – there are sound reasons that go much deeper than the simple “Wow Factor”.

We’ve been in business for over 12 years and have always focused on content. Our client list ranges from insurance and media research companies to tourism authorities and museums. We’re based in Montreal, Canada, and honoured to work with clients from around the world.

Our creative assignments are also broad in scope, developing everything from attention-getting video that drives purchases in a major grocery retailer, to immersive touch, gesture and augmented reality experiences for fans of pro football and the entertainment industry. We do recurring work for many of our clients, producing consistently strong creative that keeps projects fresh and viewers interested. We thrive on big projects that demand innovation and result in what we call Digital Destinations – visual magnets for targeted viewers.

There are many reasons why clients choose Arsenal Media, but these are the keys:

  • Our work is sophisticated, beautiful and engaging, yet always designed to optimize the return on the invested capital;
  • We consistently deliver visually stunning creative, partly due to our  high level skill sets and experience, but also because we understand the digital display medium and the types of technology being applied;
  • We use a multi-disciplinary team approach – strategy, communication, marketing, technology, multimedia design, branding and consumer psychology – for the projects we take on. We have the talent and skills in-house to single-source projects, and we project-manage even the most challenging productions;
  • Where others emulate, we innovate.

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