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Your all-in-one installation

The BuzzWall™ - Where fans meet brands.
A custom-designed interactive and immersive wall with multiple zones.

The Virtual Shelf™ – A new style of shopping.
An ambient, interactive merchandising tool, showcasing real and virtual products.

We combine great creative with the right technology platform to deliver projects that people use, remember and talk about.

One of our core strengths is our proficiency  as a content integrator.

We know how to produce powerful, impactful creative, but we also have the skills, tools, experience and insight for  developing projects – from concept to execution – that utilize  the most appropriate technologies and approach to design.

Arsenal Integrated - Integrated Multimedia Solutions ( IMS) is the  division of Arsenal Media that develops and markets all-in-one multimedia products and projects for customers; covering all aspects of the business spectrum, from sports and entertainment to corporate environments.

We develop digital destinations – displays that attract viewers, and when it makes sense, lets those viewers interact in meaningful and memorable ways.

The first iterations of digital signage projects were a one-way “push of content” towards viewers. Version 2.0 introduced dynamic content and the beginnings of  basic interactivity. Version 3.0 – the work we do –  provides experiences, while also delivering on objectives for marketers.

We understand that the digital signage and digital display industries have evolved and are no longer defined by simple rectangles and boxes. There are now countless ways to create a digital canvas, with few restrictions on size and shape. But... there are very few companies who understand the technology, challenges and solutions to optimize the investment and opportunity.  

Arsenal Integrated has base products – including the immersive BuzzWall and the interactive Virtual Shelf – designed to be easily customized to client needs.  We also work with our clients to determine objectives and needs and can develop entirely new concepts when that’s what’s really needed.

Arsenal Integrated’s solutions:

  • Simplify the integration of multimedia installations and maximize user experiences;
  • Adapt to business opportunities and to physical space;
  • Respond to ever-evolving consumer expectations;
  • Capitalize on the best digital signage and multimedia strategies;
  • Serve as focal points for customers and brands.

Our multimedia solutions are designed to target five main markets:

  • sports and entertainment
  • retail
  • museums
  • cinema
  • gaming

Each multimedia project begins with an in-depth analysis, enabling us to fully understand  the client's context for  establishing the appropriate product, approach and budget. All corresponding costs are deducted from the final product invoice.

To learn how our “all-in-one” multimedia products can be part of your strategy, contact us.