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The digital signage industry continues to boom worldwide. Arsenal Media invites you to view its digital portfolio on Vimeo to inspire the kind of project that would best suit your needs and take your business to new heights.

New digital projects are popping up all over the globe every single week, in virtually every market. Content providers must continually adapt their strategies to incorporate ever-evolving technological innovations, develop high-impact approaches, and envision new types of content and installation concepts.

Whether the content is for informational, entertainment, or purely advertising purposes, Arsenal Media can create attention-getting videos, interfaces, animation, and interactive installations adapted to each client’s specific needs. The experiential value of the media and the integrated layout of the digital screens are optimized based on physical environment, marketing strategy, and your overall game plan. At Arsenal Media, we connect with audiences on the go. We influence buyers’ decisions at the very moment they are being made.

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Arsenal Media is active in Quebec and around the world. We have developed numerous groundbreaking projects in recent years, many of which have been singled out for recognition by our industry peers. For example, we took home several awards from the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in Las Vegas in February 2011.

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