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Time travel
with MicroTiles


Who hasn't dreamed of travelling through time? Of reliving some of the key moments in world history?

This is precisely what hundreds of visitors to the 2010 American Association of Museums (AAM) exhibit in Los Angeles were able to do in May, with an interactive "time travel" installation developed by Arsenal Media using Christie MicroTiles.

According to Denys Lavigne, President of Arsenal Media, "The application we developed makes it possible to interact with history in a visually captivating way. It's a concept that makes the most of the main assets of the MicroTiles technology, namely its uniquely shaped digital canvas, exceptional image quality and vibrant colours. We integrated sound and gesture-based interactivity into the solution to create an engrossing multimedia experience. And the public reaction has been extremely positive."

In addition to its entertainment value, the project has a strong educational component: "Multimedia has always been an ideal way of having fun while learning all sorts of things. That's the approach we wanted to take with this initiative. Plenty of visitors have been surprised to learn, for example, that the computers on board Apollo 11 were much less powerful than today's smart phones. But what really drives the approach here is the quality of the display. It's a powerful draw and really transports the audience," adds Claude Carrier, Copywriter/Editor.

For this project, Arsenal Media opted to use interactive technology by Float 4, a Montreal-based company that has developed an innovative gesture-based interactive software solution. Technical integration was supplied by Electrosonic.

Arsenal Media specializes in the creation and installation of digital projects and the development of digital content. Over the past two years, it has acquired leading-edge expertise in the modular technology developed by Christie MicroTiles, notably as the lead creative agency and content strategist for this unique system created by Christie Digital Systems.

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