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The Science of (Experiential) Video Walls:
8 Digital Inspirations

Bigger. Smarter. And more engaging. Over the last 3 years, a new generation of video walls has emerged. Thanks to more refined technologies and content strategies, these new installations allow brands and corporations to engage with their audiences like never before. From a simple large format display, we have transitioned to truly experiential destinations that captivate audiences and become an important hub for multi-platform marketing strategies.

Our team has had the opportunity to develop a variety of experiential video walls – each project coming with a unique set of objectives and challenges. In turn, compelling us to reflect on the way that we assemble the many components of a large canvas installation, from digital content strategy to the installation’s environment and how users interact with digital destinations, to the type of technologies and experiences –  always depending on the business context.

Every large format installation that we’ve developed has reinforced one concluding fact: There is a science to video walls, and the optimal return on investment lies in its vision and key ingredients. Following are some digital inspirations produced by our team.


The 24K Video Wall and Multi-zone Lobby Experience
While the industry addresses the challenges behind producing and managing content at 4K, the video wall developed for Christie’s headquarter in Cypress, California gave us an opportunity to showcase a 24K experience. Featuring Christie’s MicroTiles technology, this immersive lobby experience integrates an angled, irregular shape display, an interactive app that controls the wall in real-time, a playback system that drives a 23,760 x 2,700 content canvas and a digital art-driven content strategy. The project was rewarded with a DSA Gold Crown Award for Best Content in the Point of Wait category.

Adapting this experience to a vertical structure of 116 MicroTiles, Christie’s Canadian Headquarters features a multi-zone digital lobby (see top video). Both of these Christie projects share the same core content strategy, but all components have been adapted to each context, among which include the content and playback strategies. This project has received a Silver and Bronze 2013 DSE Award for Best Installation (Apex) and Best Content (Content) in the Business, Industry and Government category. 


The Multi-platform Video Wall
Launched during MINExpo 2012 in Las Vegas, this multi-platform, experiential large canvas installation was branded “Touchpoint – The Caterpillar Global Mining Experience”.  It includes a 3D touch screen experience boasting high quality video game technology and graphics, an iPad app, ambient branding content, an augmented reality station and augmented reality web experience. The large structural concept designed by Arsenal Media was adapted in two smaller versions. These branded content experiences are now accessible at corporate offices, worldwide events and the Caterpillar Museum in Milwaukee. This project earned a Gold 2013 DSE Award for Best Multi-platform Content experience.


The Real-time 3D Content Experience
For another corner of the world – in Astana, Kazakhstan – comes a video wall experience comprised of 100 MicroTiles and showcasing 5K content. The large canvas was developed to support the official public launch of Kazakhstan’s new Lte 4G national network in the presence of Kazakhstan’s President and Minister of Telecommunications. It featured an interactive pedestal controller that controlled a real-time 3D content experience.



And the secret is…
From video walls as part of a digital signage network, to branded, multi-zone destinations and interactive learning installations, large displays can transform a space, lift brand perception and generate true engagement. But according to Denys Lavigne, president of Arsenal Media, the secret is in the sauce. “We have to look at these projects from a media perspective. Understand the context, the audience and the business opportunities and define the installation ingredients accordingly. This is where the key to success lies: In our ability to align all the right components into a streamlined strategy that will allow us to deliver superior quality content experiences. That’s what consumers are expecting. That’s our responsibility to our clients.”


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