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New Digital Experiences for
Viacom and GIA

The Arsenal Media team recently had the privilege of launching new digital experiences in New York. These projects involve ultra-high resolution ambient and branded content.

Each of the executions reflects new trends in how brands are taking advantage of the experiential digital signage, providing audiences with experiences that are unique and memorable.

Viacom @ Times Square
Arsenal Media, in collaboration with TAD Associates, had the pleasure of working together on two digital signage experiences custom-produced specifically for the recent renovations at Viacom’s corporate offices in Times Square.

For this project Arsenal provided an integrated content solution that included content strategy, content loops and the playback system.

The first installation included a 6 x 1 video strip for the company’s 11th floor client lobby that showcased fun and branded ambient elements at 12K resolution.

The 7th floor installation was comprised of a projection slideshow specifically designed to reduce perceived waiting time in the elevator area, on a floor mostly used by Viacom staff.

In order to meet the client’s objective of having a simple and user-friendly interface that allowed regular updates to the content playlist, Arsenal custom-built the playback hardware using NAVORI software.

The Arsenal team also had the pleasure of collaborating with TAD Associates for the lobby installation at New York City’s Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The two-zone project included a double-sided 10 x 1 video strip comprised of Planar displays and an 84” LCD screen.

Arsenal produced more than 100 videos showcasing GIA’s unique history and informational content about the science of diamonds and gems. All content for the 10 x 1 installations were produced at a 10K resolution while the 84’’ display featured more standard 4K content. YCD’s CMS platform was used to deliver a synchronized, pixel-perfect experience.